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Steve K. Garcia, EdD

A few weeks ago, The Institute for Contemporary Leadership partnered with Entromy to identify the leadership, organizational and cultural drivers of truly high-performing companies and to showcase Entromy’s innovative insights platform in action.  We invited a select group of executive and senior leaders to share their top of mind issues, their priorities for 2018, and their thoughts about what’s working and what’s keeping them up at night. We wanted to understand the key differences between high performing organizations and aspiring ones.

The insights percolated almost instantly! Below, we talk to leadership expert Tony O’Driscoll, Global Head of Duke Corporate Education Labs, about the key takeaways from the Leadership Study and his enthusiasm for what Entromy and the Institute for Contemporary Leadership have captured.

Tony, what are the biggest takeaways?

When I saw the initial results of the Leadership Study, I was excited.  The findings validate something I’ve been thinking about for a while. In an environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, and complexity, leadership is no longer about a small number of executives at the top of the house. In today’s world, it’s about building a leadership system across the entire enterprise; one that fosters effective decision making, enables collaboration across silos, and empowers all employees to take considered risks. This come out loud and clear in the LeadershipStudy 2018 results and I look forward to discussing the implications and details at the upcoming webinar.

Why was this study different?

What’s nice about this study is it combines the deep, qualitative insights you get from individual interviews or focus groups with the scale of an organizational survey.  The findings themselves were pretty consistent with what I would expect: leadership, the focus on and development of collaborative cultures, agility, innovation and the effectiveness of leadership programs is what elevates company performance.

What’s different about Entromy’s AI-platform is how quickly and efficiently it elicits these findings and auto-generates the results in a way that organizations can easily capitalize on.  Collecting data is typically a lengthy and expensive step, but the technology captures high quality, rich perspectives almost instantly.

What can you do with the Entromy’s AI platform?

After participating in this leadership study and experiencing Entromy’s AI platform in action, over a third of our participants asked for a deeper discussion to explore how they might leverage the technology within their own enterprise.  That’s before they even saw the survey results!  Their response is not that surprising, however, when you consider the tremendous potential of machine-learning to generate business insights for organizational health, culture change, PMI, leadership development, etc.  The Entromy platform helps transform standard operating methods as we know them by enabling efficient, agile, effective and rich readouts in real time.

How does this connect to the Institute for Contemporary Leadership’s work?

The Institute for Contemporary Leadership is an applied-research learning community, whose mission is to enable senior leaders to make a step change in their leadership, and have greater impact in their organizations and beyond.  The Leadership Study 2018’s findings highlight the specific levers leaders should be thinking about to drive organizational performance in our contemporary context.

When we saw leadership development pop up as one of the key programs that differentiates top performing organizations, we had to laugh.  We thought people might think we rigged the results.  But, of course, that’s the beauty of using an AI-based system; it’s not biased one way or another. It just tells you what the data says.

Where do we go from here?

Participants are invited to join Tony O’Driscoll (Global Head of Duke Corporate Education Labs), David Peterson (Director of Google’s Center of Expertise on Leadership Development), Steve Garcia (Executive Board Member the Institute for Contemporary Leadership) and Jan Jamrich (CEO of Entromy) as they discuss the #CollaborativeEra and the #LeadershipStudy.

If you were not able to participate and would like to learn more, contact Entromy ( or the Institute for Contemporary Leadership ( to start your discussion today. Alternatively, share or like this post, and we’ll be glad to reach out.


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