Leader Community Disrupt & Transform Program

Start date: Oct 9, 2018

End date: Oct 12, 2018

Location: NYC

Are you prepared to lead your organization through disruption and uncertainty? Few leaders are. The Disrupt & Transform program’s unique, innovative process helps leaders transform their mindsets and capabilities to lead their organizations into the new and the next.

Join the next cohort of high-caliber executives on a year-long leadership development journey at the Institute of Contemporary Leadership.

This comprehensive program integrates three essential elements, critical for transformational learning and real-world impact:

  • Executive coaching with a Personal Leadership Advisor, who partners with you to design and support your learning journey. Your coach helps you gain maximum learning from your experiences and translate them into action.
  • A diverse community of peers to provide the social support, encouragement, and connections that accelerate learning.
  • Disruptive development experiences to increase your confidence and courage, and capabilities to handle diverse, novel and adverse challenges.

Over the course of a year, you will meet regularly with your coach and cohort group to work on disruptive challenges, build skills, and learn from each other.

Embrace the DNA of VUCA – experience the Diversity, Novelty, and Adversity that unleashes your ability to thrive in the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world ahead.

This New York City Disrupt & Transform Cohort launches with a series of individual coaching sessions starting in September, and a 3-day residential workshop called Base Camp starting the late afternoon of October 9th and ending the afternoon of October 12th.

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To apply for the New York City Disrupt & Transform program, please email us at inquiries@contemporaryleadership.com. Registration is open until September 27th.