Research Community CHRO Summit

Date: Feb 15, 2018

Time: 6:00-8:00 pm

Location: Summit House

Disrupting Leaders For Growth and Impact at this #metoo Moment

What opportunities are our leaders missing because of their own blind spots and biases and the nature of their networks?  These self-imposed constraints have material impact on business performance, through missed market opportunities as well as through stealthy, but treacherous, effects on organizational culture, employee engagement, and human relationships.

The explosive growth of Rihanna’s newly launched Fenty Beauty, with products formulated for all skin types and shades, which tapped a vast and underserved market, “so that women everywhere would be included” is just one of many examples of others’ missed opportunities due to limited perspectives. And note an October 26th Forbes article citing research that finds employees “who perceive bias are nearly three times as likely (20% vs 7%) to be disengaged at work…more than three times as likely (31% to 10%) to say that they’re planning to leave their current jobs within the year…and 2.6 times more likely (34% to 13%) to say that they’ve withheld ideas and market solutions over the previous six months.”  Gallup estimates disengagement “costs U.S. companies $450 billion to $550 billion per year.” Add to that the consequences of voluntary turnover and missed innovation.

This #metoo moment is, of course, the most visible and egregious example: the veil has now been lifted on how deeply embedded societal power structures are, including at work. Every single person experiences this in a different way.

How are you helping the leaders in your organization or with whom you work to make sense of things?  What are their reactions, insights, questions, concerns, feelings?  What are the disruptive forces impacting them as a leader at this moment in time? What kind of environment do they create? What opportunities do you perceive to help them mature?

ICL Research Community Gatherings provide a safe forum for thoughtful dialogue around interesting and provocative topics and issues with high caliber peers so that leaders and those who focus on their development can deepen their own self-awareness, empathy, complexity, courage and purpose in navigating these choppy contemporary waters.

This event is open to all ICL Research Community members, and by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please email us at for more information. Members can RSVP below.

Summit House is located at 395 Springfield Ave, Summit, NJ