Members of the Institute’s Research Community serve as co-researchers and co-creators in the Institute’s mission to explore the mechanisms and factors that result in leaders’ accelerated growth and development


Contemporary organizations are challenged by disruptive change and tremendous complexity.  To survive and thrive in this context, leaders must enhance their capabilities faster than ever before.


Research Community members share best practices, learn from leading thinkers, and collaborate with the Institute’s Faculty on cutting-edge research on the most powerful ways to enable senior leaders to develop and transform their organizations.


Research Community members are invited to attend small group salons, larger gatherings, and IdeaFests across the country on a monthly basis.  Click here for a calendar of upcoming events.


Research Community members including prominent thought leaders, Board Members, Chief Human Resources Officers and Chief Learning officers dedicated to developing and equipping leaders to transform their organizations.

Research Initiatives

Current ResearchCommonalities and Differences in Contributors to Women's and Men's Leadership Advancement

We are conducting a survey of what contributes to career advancement for men and for women – what’s common, what’s different. We’ll survey and interview executives who have successfully risen in their industry to improve our understanding of the experiences that underpin and contribute to women’s and men’s leadership achievement. We’ll use insights from this work in our leadership and coaching practices to help men and women be even more successful in their development and their careers.

In return for participant’s time and insights, we will provide them with a summary report of our findings, which should be enlightening and potentially equip them to even more effectively influence the careers of women and men around them. In addition, respondents will be entered into a drawing for a 3-month subscription to LeaderBox, a curated monthly delivery box of books and resources designed to advance individual leadership and professional growth. 

We would greatly appreciate if you would participate in our study by sharing your career experience in this survey, which should take about 15 minutes to complete: https://www.research.net/r/leadersadvance

More Research Studies

Disrupt Yourself: How Leaders Can Thrive in the 21st Century Context of Disruption

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