Current Research Studies

How Leaders Build and Leverage Informal Networks

Increasingly leadership is viewed as a relationship versus an individual attribute. Simply put, you can’t have a leader without a follower. From this perspective, it’s the relationship between the leader and follower that defines leadership. This research effort is exploring the nature of the relationships that leaders and followers form, how leaders build their networks across the organization, and the network characteristics that distinguish high-performing leaders from their peers.

Winning Cultures For Hedge Funds

Hedge funds differ widely in their firm cultures. As firms start to perceive themselves as FinTech companies, someĀ  will adopt a tech company like culture where there are no walls between trading groups. Everyone is compensated based on the overall performance of the company and great performance is rewarded with raises. This should encourage a Facebook / Google like company culture. This current study examines different hedge fund cultures and where firm employees think they should be heading.