We equip leaders with the innovative, forward-thinking solutions they need to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges of managing business and people amidst a rapidly evolving business landscape.


Whether selecting an external candidate for a C-suite position or developing incumbent leaders, it is important to understand individual capabilities relative to role expectations. Our Leadership Assessments uncover a leader’s strengths and development needs and pinpoint specific actions the enterprise can take to grow and support the leader in the role. The result is objective and meaningful insights that improve selection decisions and accelerate development.

Leadership Assessments are carried out by business psychologists who have conducted thousands of assessments around the globe. They synthesize multiple data sources, including semi-structured behavioral and biographical interviews, feedback from select co-workers, and psychometrics, and incorporate the latest research on the future of leadership and what is required in fast-paced, contemporary business environments.

Leadership Assessments are leader centric. They are “done with” the leader being assessed versus “done to” them. This partnership means leaders complete the process feeling understood and engaged. Ninety six percent of participating leaders report the assessment raised their self-awareness and 90% report they improved their leadership because of the experience.

Understand what makes your executives tick and how to support them in turbulent times

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In rapidly changing, complex environments, leaders and their teams must continually learn and adapt. Letting go of what has worked in the past, changing your mindset, and embracing new behaviors is not easy, however. This is particularly true for leaders, whose historical approach has led to existing success.

Whether coaching individual executives, building winning leadership teams, or developing top talent across an enterprise, we create forward-thinking, learning experiences that generate the three conditions needed for accelerated development. Leaders are challenged, such that they need to adopt new approaches. Leaders receive feedback on their performance so they can see what is working and pivot when needed. And leaders are supported to sustain behavior change and surmount obstacles over time.

Through the application of these development principles and our research-based insights on the future of leadership, the leaders we work become better equipped to thrive in uncertainty and prepared to serve as catalysts of transformation for their organizations.

In rapidly changing, complex environments, leaders and their teams must continually learn and adapt.

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The pace of change and complexity in today’s business ecosystem has dramatically increased, making it much harder to understand cause and effect or predict outcomes. In this contemporary landscape, emerging threats and new opportunities appear overnight and traditional enterprise operating models cannot keep up. Not surprisingly, one third of senior leaders report feeling extremely burned out and 75% of S&P 500 companies are expected to be replaced over the next seven years.

To thrive in this new business reality, organizations must undergo a metamorphosis. We work with leaders to build new, more adaptive operating models, transform company culture, and reshape the workforce for the new normal. The result is faster, more impactful organizations, capable of adapting at the speed of change.

Design and build a faster, more adaptive and higher impact organizations

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CLA’s organizational network analysis solution helps leaders better understand important informal networks that were once hidden and leverage these networks to solve problems. There isn’t an organization today that couldn’t benefit from this analysis.
Chuck Speight, Senior Director, PDI Healthcare