Organizational Network Analysis Consulting

What if you could X-ray your organization to learn how work really gets done? Imagine you could use the insight to: drive organizational transformation, uncover hidden leaders, improve collaboration, and increase inclusivity. Organizational network analysis (ONA) does just that.

Increasingly, work is carried out horizontally through networks of informal relationships rather than through formal, top-down organizational structure. However, leaders often lack visibility to critical informal networks. As a result, they risk making decisions with blinders on. ONA illuminates and analyzes organizational networks to show how people truly work together to share information, make decisions and solve problems.

We’ve been using ONA for over 15 years to help clients:

Pinpoint critical influencers who can drive enterprise transformation

Discover hidden leaders and new succession candidates

Improve cross-boundary collaboration

Build more inclusive and feedback-rich cultures

Eliminate decision making bottlenecks

Enhance team performance

Some of the Organizations We’ve Provided ONA Support to

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Learn to use ONA to generate business insights within your organization
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Building More Adaptive, Higher Impact Enterprises with ONA

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CLA expanded our leadership pipeline 30% in 6 weeks using organizational network analysis
Neil Bryson, SVP Digital Transformation, Allegis Group