RallyBright is a team performance platform that promotes better teams and improved results. The platform integrates behavior science expertise and proven team development tools to help teams work more effectively as well as quantify and improve progress over time.

Build a Better Team

The easy-to-use, web-based solution provides in-depth analysis and immediate, actionable insight into teams’ strengths, vulnerabilities, and the behaviors that drive them.

Using RallyBright’s intuitive Team Dashboard, leaders and team members can explore development opportunities, compare results to industry and custom benchmarks, action plan, and track progress over time. RallyBright’s dashboard illuminates team performance on an ongoing basis across 5 key dimensions, driving accountability and providing the insight adaptive teams use to course correct in real time.

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What really changed was the alignment between plans and outcomes. Our focus was dramatically improved – from the strategic discussions with the team, to the execution, and ultimately the measurement of their success.
Joseph Colangelo, CEO & Founder, Bear Analytics