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Private Equity

The success of a company’s value creation plan depends on those responsible for executing it. That’s why the quality of portfolio company management is the most-cited reason for deal success and the second most cited reason for deal failure. However, people issues—both at the executive level and below—are complex and hard to measure. As a result, many PE firms are slow to make talent decisions, which can result in the underperformance of portfolio companies.

We help PE firms make the right talent decisions at speed across dozens of portfolio companies. We do this using a disciplined, repeatable approach that applies the same analytical rigor to people-related issues that PE firms insist on for balance sheet, supply chain, and market analysis. Our process pinpoints the specific roles necessary to deliver the value creation plan, clearly defines each role’s responsibilities and objectives and identifies the capabilities and experiences necessary to carry out the role, uncovers organizational barriers, and assesses incumbent and potential candidates to ensure fit.

By definition, a strong value creation plan means a company must do something new and different. We get companies crystal clear on the talent they need to get there.

Create value by optimizing talent and organizational effectiveness in your portfolio companies

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Boards are under increasing scrutiny from regulators, activist shareholders, and the public. Governance and compliance remain significant issues that boards must address, but equally important are the behavioral and relationship issues that shape board dynamics and drive board and organizational performance.

Our Board advisors and coaches have deep executive and board experience, which they apply to help boards focus in on the most important opportunities and gaps, prioritizing those development areas that will have the greatest impact on performance. Common target areas include clarifying expectations of and among board members, enhancing group engagement and alignment, and promoting constructive debate and effective decision-making.

Build a more effective, more knowledgeable and more engaged board

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As a result of CLA’s Investor Development Acceleration Program, our people are better equipped to lead deal teams and deliver value as active investors and board members
Kyle Peterson, Managing Director, New Mountain Capital