Team Development Certification Program

High performing, adaptive and resilient teams enable organizations to tackle today’s complex and volatile business demands. Achieving and maintaining these performance and resilience levels requires effective leadership, teamwork, and sophisticated team coaching.

The Institute’s Team Development certification program leverages RallyBright’s powerful digital platform to diagnose, develop and track team performance and growth opportunities.

The three tiered program covers basic certification in RallyBright’s Resilient Team Survey and platform, advanced interpretation and action planning, and comprehensive training in tools and processes necessary for brief and extended team coaching. Whether you’re an internal HR practitioner or an external team consultant, certification in this program will prepare you to take your client teams to the next level.

Tier I

Administration and Interpretation of RallyBright’s Resilient Team Survey

Tier II

Detailed action planning for team development

Tier III

Running a comprehensive team development program

Each tier includes a blend of independent study, recorded webinars, and live virtual group discussion.

Who Should Get Certified?

  • Internal HR and L&D Consultants responsible for the optimization of their organization’s teams
  • External Consultants and Coaches working with teams

Program Details


Team Diagnosis using the RallyBright Resilient Survey

Enables access to the RallyBright team assessment platform. As a certified RallyBright Administrator, you’ll gain:

  • A sharper view into your client teams’ needs and how to support their development over the long term
  • The ability to confidently administer, interpret and debrief the Resilient Teams assessment for teams
  • Access to ICL and RallyBright educational resources for team development
  • Eligibility for Tier 2 certification

What the program covers:

  • The history and methodology of the RallyBright Team Resilience Model
  • How to provision and launch teams on the RallyBright platform
  • How to administer and manage the Resilient Teams Survey as part of an annual team performance cycle
  • Automated roadmap recommendations for team development
  • How to interpret and communicate results to your team, organization and other stakeholders

Total Time Investment: 5 Hours (1-Hour Live Virtual Workshop; 3-hours independent study; 1-hour knowledge retention test)


Action Planning for Team Development

Outfits you with a best-in-class team development toolkit that can be applied to address the team’s most critical development needs.

What the Program Covers:

  • Case studies of teams with different types of challenges
  • Deep interpretation of the Resilient Teams Survey
  • How to leverage the full suite of survey tools available on RallyBright
  • Comprehensive review of the high-performance team coaching toolkit
  • Constructing a data-driven design for a team development program

Total Time Investment: 9 Hours (Two 2-hour live virtual workshops; 4 hours independent study; 1-hour knowledge retention test)


Action Planning for Team Development

Sets you up to be able to run a powerful development program using the ICL Team Development Toolkit.

What the Program Covers:

  • How to run a team offsite, including preparation and follow up
  • Team facilitation techniques
  • How to manage challenging team dynamics
  • How to use each of the tools and techniques in the toolkit
  • How leverage the DiSC survey for better team communication and collaboration
  • How to leverage the Conflict Style Survey to improve conflict resolution
  • How to optimize inclusion on the team

Total Time Investment: 9 Hours (Two 2-hour live virtual workshops; 4 hours independent study; 1-hour knowledge retention test)


Full Certification Including Tiers I, II & III



Tier I
Certification Only



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