Leader as Coach Certification Program

In today’s faster-paced, more complex business environment, leaders don’t have all the answers and command-and-control management is less effective. Consequently, enterprises are promoting a new form of leadership in which leaders adopt a coaching approach.

This coach vs. boss approach improves problem solving and promotes employee development and engagement by reframing challenges and asking questions as opposed to simply deciding for employees and telling them what to do.

Our Leader as Coaching Certification Program is designed for managers and senior leaders who wish to take their coaching skills to the next level.

The 7-month program includes 3 core elements:

1Seven, two-hour, Peer Learning Workshops facilitated by an expert coach during which participants learn and practice coaching skills anchored in International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies.
2Two Coaching Supervision sessions in which participants review a 30-minute pre-recorded coaching session that they previous conducted and receive feedback from an expert coach.
3Four web-based Pulse Checks (one every 45 days) in which Supporters— individuals selected by the participant who are in a position to provide feedback on the participant’s coaching— share their recommendations on how the participant can improve his or her coaching skills.

Over the course of the 7-month program, participants learn to:

  • Determine when coaching is and isn’t appropriate
  • Apply an easy top use yet powerful structure for engaging in coaching conversations
  • Self-manage one’s emotions and maintain a curious mindset in difficult situations
  • Hold off on giving advice and instead use open-ended questions to help others uncover new insights
  • Pay attention to other’s emotion and non-verbal cues to enhance understanding
  • Reframe challenges and leverage different perspectives to create new opportunities
  • Share hard truths and hold others accountable
  • Demonstrate support, empathy and concern
  • Acknowledge others’ feelings, perceptions, concerns and beliefs
  • Celebrate successes

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