Contemporary Organizations are Challenged by Disruptive Change and Tremendous Complexity

Members of the Institute’s Research Community serve as co-researchers and co-creators in the Institute’s mission to explore the mechanisms that result in leaders’ accelerated growth.

The Institute’s Research Community shares best practices, learns from leading thinkers, and collaborates with the institute’s Faculty on cutting-edge research on the future of leadership and the most powerful ways to enable senior leaders to develop and transform their organizations.

Research Themes

Future of Leadership

Today’s faster-paced, more complex business landscape means the old rules don’t apply anymore. As a result, traditional enterprise operating model are less effective. What do organizations need to do differently in today’s contemporary environment and what does this mean for future of leadership?

Leading Adaptive Organizations in a Complex World: What You Need to Do Differently

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Network Leadership

Leadership is increasingly understood as a relationship between people rather than a set of attributes or competencies associated with an individual. What can this relational view of leadership tell us about how leadership develops and transpires in organizations as well as how individual leaders can be more successful?

Networks Not Hierarchy: Expanding Leadership Capacity and Impact

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Inclusive Leadership

The more people feel a sense of belonging at their organization, the greater their creativity and impact. How can we maximize employee inclusivity so that all employees are empowered to thrive and rise as effective leaders? What can organizations do to set their women and minority leaders up for success and create a culture of inclusion?

Women in Leadership: Designing and Developing Your Personal Power Source

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